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The Simple Things in Life Mean the Most

The best things in life are the simple things. I recently had one of my cherished long distance phone conversation with my Son. After doing so, I decided to make a reminder list of things that are truly meaningful and important to me, As I started writing it was infectious and enlightening, which sparked the interest for today’s blog.

As a parent, we can only hope to raise our children to be kind, appreciate what they have, instill a positive outlook on life, and be the reminder that It takes more than money to make longtime happiness.

As they age you are never quite sure if they really get it or when they agree they are just pacifying you; until that one moment, when you hang up the phone and realize your children did listen all those years. I can tell you first hand there is nothing that holds more joy and surely no gift, that money can buy when they say I thought of you when I read something positive, I understand the meaning and live it.

We all get taken in by the great job media and advertisers do to remind us of what we should afford to have. Now, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with indulging in life’s pleasures and wanting to be financially strong. I encourage it, but you must ask yourself what in my life really matters? What am I missing out of life?

It has been said there is nothing that crushes the spirit quite like poverty. Now I hope you never have to experience poverty, but there is something to be said about getting by on less or keeping yourself in check from time to time with a budget as a reminder of how to be creative and enjoy life’s wonders and free pleasures. I heard someone say, you can have all the money in the world yet hold little joy. There are so many things in life that are free, overlooked or simply taken for granted.

Life’s most satisfying experiences do not have a price tag and more often than not will give you the most important memories things in your life.

I challenge you to make your list and implement them into your daily calendar.

You can check on-line, or in your local paper, libraries and chamber of commerce for free concerts in the park, lectures, tastings (wine and food) browsing through an art gallery can also be a wonderful way to enjoy an hour or two at no cost.

To help you get started, I have listed some ideas starting with the love for, and from, family and friends.

Love -the love you give and the love you get.

Your Faith – Your faith is just that yours. There are many places around the world that do not allow a choice in this matter, but here in the United States we have the freedom to believe, whatever it may be and it is yours to follow.

Your Conscience -Only you can look yourself in the mirror every night at the end of every day and tell yourself that you truly did the right thing.

Your Thoughts - whether you choose to share them, or keep them to yourself.

Compassion - Be tender of heart, and the world will be a better place.

Reading - Go to a library and check out a book or magazine, or borrow from a friend.

What is your list of the simple things that mean the most?

Having a Good Laugh – Forget about the laugh lines and laugh every day, because no matter what’s going on in the world or your life, you can find a little humor in just about everything.

A hug - Hugging is one of the greatest ways to show affection, not to mention it is free! An embrace from a loved one is a positive way to exchange energy. Not only does it give Comfort when you are down, but there is also nothing better than being wrapped in the arms of someone you love.

Realizing You Have More Time to Sleep – Something abruptly awakens you, and you think it is time to get up. Then you squint over at your alarm clock and realize you still have two more hours to sleep or you realize it is your day off. A warm euphoric feeling shoots through your body as you glide gracefully back to your dreams.

A Familiar Smell – You just pulled into your parent’s driveway and opened the car door. You have not been home in a long while. You smell familiarity in the air, the scent of flowers from the neighbor’s yard. As you head through the front door, more familiar smells consume your senses. You may have a flashback to the familiar scent of someone from another time and place, that brings you a smile. Do not take that moment for granted, allow yourself to enjoy it.

Feeling loved – When life gets in the way, we sometimes forget to slow down long enough to appreciate the love, warm attachment or deep affection, as for, or from, a parent, child, sweetheart or friend.

Having a positive effect on others – Did you know? You have within you the power to produce a change in another’s life, or at least have a positive impact on changing their day.

Receiving or giving a compliment – Can brighten anyone’s day, even something as simple as the color of their eyes or the way they have styled their hair.

Having hope - You have it within yourself to have an optimistic attitude. If you expect a positive outcome, the best case scenario is it will come true. So what have you got to lose?

Happy memories - Cherish your positive memories, they are yours to keep. Sometimes it is hard to pull them from the busy in your head, so take the time to pull out one photo, the box or entire keepsakes, to remind you of just how good life is.

Being creative - being creative is not only a freedom of thought and expression, but your thoughts are your own which make them free.

Walking on the beach - Water has such a powerful cleansing energy

A walk among nature - Where there are trees and flowers there is life. Most often than not, walking through the woods, or a field of wildflowers, can not only energize, it is a great place to find appreciation and a great place to hear yourself think. That is unless you have allergies

Unconditional love from your pet - If you are a pet owner, you know what I am talking about. No matter how crabby you are, how you look, how much money you have or how long you have been gone, you are greeted with happiness, love, and kisses for no charge.

Be thankful every day for all that you have and all you have not :)

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