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Prepare for Travel

Your own “get ready for travel checklist.”

February is a very busy month for travel. By now most of us that get snow are asking ourselves the same question every year about this time, why do we live here again? Am I right? Listed below are several tips that I found helpful to make it as stress-free and healthy as possible to leave on vacation.

How many times have you traveled and ended up sick?

We blame it on being overtired, jet lag, not sticking to your regular eating habits. Sure these can all play into it, but just think about all of the things you are surrounded by in an airport. People are coming and going from all parts of the world, coughing, sneezing, not to mention being encapsulated in a plane with no fresh air for hours. My rule of thumb is to start building your immune system a few weeks before traveling.

Why build your immune system before traveling?

When you have a compromised immune system, you are at greater risk of developing infections and other health conditions.

Even if you are extremely health conscious, it cannot hurt to kick it up a notch. For you “not so health conscious,” there are many natural immune boosters, such as adding some natural products that I have used try and boost my immune system like, Echinacea, Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, Probiotics, Astragalus Root, Ginger, Ginseng, Vitamin D, Myrrh, and Oregano. This list of natural immune boosters is no way suggested as treatments or intended to treat, cure or be used without researching usage, reaction, and contradiction. I suggest consulting a reputable health care provider before using any products.

I am not a fan of taking medications. One sure way to ruin your vacation before it even starts, however, is sitting next to someone covered in dog or cat dander, or as I call it the “invisible miserable.” If you have any allergies to animals, it might be a good idea to be prepared before getting on the plane.

This pre-trip checklist will help you not only take care of the essential tasks, but it will also remind you of the things that many forget before they go. Before that white snow becomes white sand, and the hot chocolate is now a Pina Colada, take the few extra steps toward success, and you will be well on your way to a worry-free adventure.

Don’t leave home without checking these pre- travel must do’s

  • Place stop order on mail or have neighbor or friend pick up.

  • Place stop on newspaper

  • Arrange a house sitter

  • Notify home security system, or tell your nosey neighbor 😊

  • Set a timer for a light or two

  • Clean out the fridge

  • Take out the trash

  • If leaving pets, confirm with sitter or kennel

  • If a homeowner, turn off main water valve

  • Unplug all electronics

  • Close and lock all windows

  • If going out of Country, obtain foreign currency

  • Create budget for trip

  • Research all entrance fees

  • Pay necessary bills in advance

  • Notify credit card company/bank of travel

  • Pack

  • Create/print itinerary

  • Confirm baggage fees and weight limitations for airline

  • Confirm the weight of your luggage

  • Add luggage tags, confirm correct information

  • Check weather

  • Confirm all reservations, hotel, flights, transportation

  • Notify family and friends of travel

  • Write important contacts on paper just in case something happens to cell phone

  • If passport is needed, make sure it is current and put it in a place it will not be forgotten

  • Make a copy of passport

  • If traveling overseas Confirm medical insurance coverage

  • Download travel apps/e-book or movies

  • Confirm Cell phone plan and coverage

  • Chargers for all electronics, phone, computer, camera

  • Refill all prescriptions

  • Get necessary immunizations

Now it is time to enjoy!

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