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MASSGAGE Relaxation

Natural oil, gels, helpful lotions, and various massage techniques.

Some of the products used will be infused with essential oils.

The therapist will be employing a series of techniques with their hands that are meant to relax different muscle groups in the body.

These techniques will warm up your muscles, allowing for tensions to release easily. You’ll eventually feel the “knots” in your muscles break up and you’ll feel much better. As a result, you’ll be feeling much more relaxed.

Your therapist is also going to be asking you questions about your health. Certain conditions such as allergies, high blood pressure, or pregnancy can require a more cautious approach. During this time, you can also tell your therapist about any muscles you might want more focus on. Don’t worry; therapists are accustomed to accommodating these kinds of requests.

Once you’re done with the consultation, the therapist will ask you to change, which is usually composed of a sheet and lightweight blanket.

should you choose a more modest approach bring a loose pair of shorts or simply leave your undergarments on to guarantee your own comfort.  

You will then be asked to lie on the table - face up or face down depending on the situation. The therapist will also give you some privacy to give you time to change and get ready.


Also known as the Swedish massage, a full body massage is no doubt the most popular and sought-after kind of massage in the West. In fact, this kind of massage has brought about variations such as deep tissue massage, sports massages, aromatherapy massages, and so many kinds of massages that have become popular in the west.

This kind of massage makes use of anatomy and physiology concepts, in stark contrast to the meridians and sen lines that Asian massage disciplines follow. Therapists who perform the whole body massage use techniques that stimulate circulation and flush out the circulatory system. It’s also meant to loosen tight muscles and relieve people of pain.

If you’ve never had a massage before or you’re not used to going to the spa often, getting a full body massage is great for beginners. People who get the typical 60 to 90 minutes of a full body massage often like the results. And depending on your preferences, a full body massage can be as slow and gentle or as vigorous and intense as you want it to be.

Note, that everyone's sensitivity is unique to them, it is very important to communicate with your therapist on pressure.


We invite you to rejuvenate your body and soul in our warm tranquil therapy suite.

Our massage oils are a blend of organic jojoba, coconut, and grape seed carrier oils. melded to perfection. Our specialty blends are made in-house, so there is never a question about the quality of what is being applied to your skin. 

We encourage you to allow it to stay on your skin as long as possible for optimal benefit.



You will enter a softly lit room,

filled with an aromatic oasis.

Soft music, and the sounds of the beach and a soft rainstorm. 

Flames flickering from a mounted fireplace as you melt into a heated massage bed.

Pure natural and organic warmed essential oils and steamed hot towels will effectively relax you and

ease your pain.

A true escape.

Our petite massage therapies are for those who have limited time but
need a break.

30 Scalp & Face 
You will experience pressure-relieving massage techniques, and a warmed essential oil-infused towel to steam your face.

40 Min Head, Neck & Hands
Your massage will begin with warm towels, infused with natural and organic essential oils, incorporated with a tension-melting massage on your
face, neck, head, and shoulders. 

40 Min Hands, Feet & Calves

45 Min  head, hands & feet
Stimulate blood flow, improve circulation, and relieve fatigue.
We will wrap your head, hands,  and feet, with hot towels soaked with stress-relieving
essential oils.
Experience pure bliss.

Chair Massage

$1.50  per minute.

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relaxation facial
relax rocks.



massage room
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