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What not to Wear or Bring to an Airport

What not to wear or bring to airport

The best way to ease through the airport security is to dress for success. We have all done some creative and crazy things. Like layering, until you can barely move, shoving everything but the kitchen sink into the biggest purse or duffle bag. Now, this all sounds like a great idea, but may not be worth fitting those must have shoes or extra outfits in your suitcase. Not only are there Certain garments and accessories that could potentially get you flagged for extra screening it can slow down your process not to mention, the people behind you and the pile of clothes at the end of security, that you now have to put back on. Roll through the security like a pro and avoid a headache.

Maxi dresses and skirts

“TSA said If you are opposed to getting patted down, them wearing a maxi skirt or dress is not your best bet because the officer will have to check you are not hiding anything under your skirt.

Lots of Bobby pins

“Believe it or not, too many bobby pins will set off the metal detector. An easy way to wear it up can be a simple as a hair band.

Cargo pants and shorts

“Cargo pants and shorts are one of the most difficult items of clothing at the airport,” Pruitt advises. “All the different pockets become a major hassle because they almost always set off the alarm. When being told by an officer to remove everything from your pockets, there is always a lighter or set of keys that you have forgotten in a hidden pocket.”

Jewelry or piercings

If you set off the metal detector, you are in for more screening, and you know what that means? You may just miss your flight.

Shoes that are difficult to remove

Shoes that have tons of buckles, straps or laces sure look great, but you can forget it if you end up running late for your next flight. Play it safe and wear slip – on shoes

Anything too offensive

Something I did not know before, you can get kicked off a plane for wearing what may be considered inappropriate or offensive clothing. Bottom line said TSA representative, if you would not wear it to a family – friendly restaurant or even church, don’t wear it for air travel.

Clothes with metal studs, buttons or zippers

Unless you want everyone in line to see what or what not is underneath, I suggest choosing a different shirt.

Gel shoe inserts

Gel soul inserts are not permitted, not even as a carry-on So save yourself the hassle and put your inserts in your checked on baggage.

Uncomfortable shoes

There is nothing worse than finding out your next gate is a 30 min walk, and you have 25 min to get there. Moreover, ladies, you decided to wear your most uncomfortable, but a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes and guys that not so broken in new pair of shoes. I suggest throwing a light weight pair of flats or broken in pair of shoes to your carry on.

Smokers beware

According to TSA, only Lighters without fuel are permitted in checked baggage unless you place them in a “DOT – approved case. “This applies for both carry- on and checked baggage, so just be safe leave your lighters at home. According to a recent article, there have been many changes regarding e-cigs or traveling with liquid nicotine. I would certainly recommend you check with your airline guidelines before traveling with these products.

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