Get up and move

You woke up today and looked in the mirror. And you said, “Ok, the once the holidays are done it is time to get back in shape!” Just one problem – you don’t quite know HOW. It is okay, we’ve all been there. This might be the first or even a repeat from last year’s holiday of over indulging, or the time before that, or even the time before that… Either way you’ve decided it's time to start exercising. Congratulations! You have taken the first step on your way to a new and improved body and mind. There's no arguing that exercise can help most people improve health, lose weight, as well as look more toned and trim. Of course, there is a catch. You need to get moving. Following a strict, tim

Have Courage to Cope

Bringing Happiness to the Holidays: Have Courage to Cope Aristotle believed courage to be the most important quality in a man. “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others possible,” And according to Aristotle, practicing courage could make all the difference in life. As the he wrote, “You will never do anything in this world without courage.” The Holidays can be difficult for people whose loved ones or family pet have passed or are not present for the celebration due to work, distance or life’s circumstances. There will be an “empty” chair. And, certainly an empty spot in your heart and mind. So how do you go on? How do you enjoy the moment? The Holidays are also

Be Kind

Bringing Happiness to the Holidays: Be Kind Acts of kindness are performed in many different ways. Remember, generosity does not have a price tag but has value. So many times I hear people say, “I would like to do something but I cannot afford it” or “I just don’t have any spare time in my schedule.” There is always a way to give. Here are a few ideas for simple ways to help others, create smiles, and spread kindness. After all, there’s something quite wonderful about making other people happy. Smile at a stranger Put change in an expired parking meter Hold a door open for someone If you are in a State that gets snow, surprise your neighbor and shovel for them Collect books to give to a sc

And the winner is...

Happy Friday Life was created Because of you. Thank you for all the thoughtful phone calls, emails, likes, shares, and text messages. It was truly a day of celebration. Not only did we deliver 1,500 books but also Happy Friday Life is available to everyone in hardback or as an eBook. My Book Birthday was momentous! I was filled with mixed emotion. I was excited that Happy Friday :) was finally in my hands, yet I found myself feeling vulnerable. Knowing my words are now open for criticism and a part of being a new Author when the words come from your heart. But as quickly as that thought came, It was dismissed. Happy Friday Life was not about me. It is intended for “you” the person who nee

Enjoy the Moment

Bringing Happiness to the Holidays: Enjoy the Moment It is frustrating, isn’t it? You dream of a life where you have more time, an organized home, time to exercise, eat right and spend more time with family. So when someone suggests you take an extra moment for "happiness" you are thinking in whose world? Not mine. Just the thought of adding something else to do, especially for yourself is sheer crazy talk. As your heart rate quickens, you dismiss it as fast as the contemplation. Happiness comes from inside, not from external circumstances. You do not need to quit your job, move to an exotic location, or lose weight to be happy. You must keep yourself in check and make time for in the momen

Enter to Win!

This week is so exciting! Why?! My first book, Happy Friday Life : ) is available in hardcover! I am celebrating my Book Birthday Friday, December 9th. To help celebrate my first book being published ONE lucky person will win a SIGNED hardcover copy of Happy Friday Life :). The winner will be chosen on Saturday, December 10. Who would love to read this book? Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below... Good luck!

Bringing Happiness to the Holidays: Decreasing Stress

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year but for many it also is very stressful, 0verwhelming and not as wonderful as one might put on to the outside world. This month I am writing a five part series on “Bringing Happiness to the Holidays.” This week’s focus is on how to decrease stress. What is it about this time of year that makes us so stressed out? The answer is looking at us in the mirror. Yes, I said it. It’s YOU. Each of us controls our own stress level. We are the ones that plan and go holiday shopping, manage the crowds, the parties, buy the gifts we probably shouldn’t buy, cooking, baking, the list goes on and on. The definition of insanity according to the Urban Dictionary

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