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And the winner is...

Happy Friday Life was created Because of you.

Thank you for all the thoughtful phone calls, emails, likes, shares, and text messages. It was truly a day of celebration. Not only did we deliver 1,500 books but also Happy Friday Life is available to everyone in hardback or as an eBook.

My Book Birthday was momentous! I was filled with mixed emotion. I was excited that Happy Friday :) was finally in my hands, yet I found myself feeling vulnerable. Knowing my words are now open for criticism and a part of being a new Author when the words come from your heart. But as quickly as that thought came, It was dismissed. Happy Friday Life was not about me. It is intended for “you” the person who needs to be reminded that someone understands, you are not alone, and no matter how tough things can get “always find your Happy.”

I would like to personally congratulate Christine Miller Westwater as she is the winner of the signed Happy Friday :) book giveaway. I hope you enjoy, and remember to share your review of my book on Amazon and Goodreads!

Some say if your book is new it is not a true birthday celebration, Well I can tell you this has been in the making longer than any pregnancy. Thank you again for sharing this day with me. I would love to hear from all of you. Pick your favorite poem and tell me why it resonated with you?

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