No excuse workouts- Machine free

We all use the excuses, why we cannot work out, no time, not the right equipment, not enough equipment. When it comes to fitness there are thousands of fancy programs methods and gadgets to help you with this process, and many of them work, but not everyone can afford the program, personal trainer or equipment. I am in no way an expert, but what I do know is you must start out with three little things… time, a plan and motivation. Without out these steps, you can get stuck and regrettably quit. Well, fret no more. I have come up with the short list of steps to keep you on track and motivated so you can get to that new you for the summertime. You may be asking yourself, between my crazy sc

What not to Wear or Bring to an Airport

The best way to ease through the airport security is to dress for success. We have all done some creative and crazy things. Like layering, until you can barely move, shoving everything but the kitchen sink into the biggest purse or duffle bag. Now, this all sounds like a great idea, but may not be worth fitting those must have shoes or extra outfits in your suitcase. Not only are there Certain garments and accessories that could potentially get you flagged for extra screening it can slow down your process not to mention, the people behind you and the pile of clothes at the end of security, that you now have to put back on. Roll through the security like a pro and avoid a headache. Maxi dres

Prepare for Travel

Your own “get ready for travel checklist.” February is a very busy month for travel. By now most of us that get snow are asking ourselves the same question every year about this time, why do we live here again? Am I right? Listed below are several tips that I found helpful to make it as stress-free and healthy as possible to leave on vacation. How many times have you traveled and ended up sick? We blame it on being overtired, jet lag, not sticking to your regular eating habits. Sure these can all play into it, but just think about all of the things you are surrounded by in an airport. People are coming and going from all parts of the world, coughing, sneezing, not to mention being encapsul

Budget Friendly Ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day (for Everyone NOT Just Couples)

Expectations can be high on Valentine’s Day, the flowers, candy jewelry and expensive gifts, not to mention the pressure to out due last year’s surprise. We all know them, that coworker, friend or even your favorite romantic Hallmark movie. You are surrounded by desks full of roses in every shape and color, romantic stories, new jewelry, not to mention fancy dinners or hard to find theater tickets. I say well good for them! However, it may leave you feeling left out. I say put your happy face back on because the most memorable things in life or gifts you can give and receive do not come with a price tag. Celebrating the nation’s day of love should be meaningfully and memorable. Whether you a

Happy Friday Life is on Tour!

Happy Friday Life is going on tour-- a virtual book tour. Follow along with us! There will be interviews, excerpts and giveaways! Tour Schedule February 1st: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading February 3rd: Book Excerpt @ Books are Forever February 5th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog February 8th: Book Review, Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Books Direct February 10th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy February 12th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian February 15th: Book Excerpt @ The Bookworm Lodge February 17th: Book Excerpt @ Bedazzled Reading February 19th: Book Review and Giveaway @ I Heart Reading February 21st: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog February 23rd: Book Excerpt @ Book

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