What is your funny Thanksgiving Story?

Please share your Thanksgiving food, family and funny stories. Attach a photo of you and your family. Please keep it clean :) The winners of the funniest family picture and funniest story will receive a signed copy of the book: Happy Friday Life :) Post them hear or on our Facebook page before midnight November 30th Good Luck Who’s ready for some funny Thanksgiving stories? It is the time of year when family and friends make an effort to; share the same space, eat too much, sleep less, travel hours in a cramped car, shop, sing along to holiday songs (loudly) not knowing all the words, only to make them up as we go and stress about things we really cannot control. The holidays can be magical,

What makes you feel good?

Through the years, I have loved all of the stories people have shared with me. Of course, my favorites are those accompanied with a lesson learned or a happy ending. Recently, a friend shared a life experience I felt was worthy of being shared here. He was kind enough to allow me to do so with the hopes it would touch my readers, reminding them to pay attention to that inner feeling, that the gift given to all who listen. Life moves so fast. We all have good intentions. We think and feel about someone or something at the moment yet it fades away just as fast. We may say to ourselves, “Today I am too busy” or maybe, “I’m too tired.” That is then followed by, “Tomorrow I will”. My hope i

Top comfort foods :)

We all have them; the not so perfect, and the perfect day. We know that however rough our day was — whatever disagreement, coffee you spilled, family or friend we disappointed, shopping, time for yourself, spending it in good company — comfort food is the go to feel good. Some of us even call them guilty pleasures. Look, in truth, there is no such thing as bad comfort food. If it gives you comfort, it is good. (Of course, all in moderation.) However, If you find your spoon hitting the bottom of the family size mac-n-cheese on Monday, only one chocolate chip cookie left from the two dozen you made on Tuesday, AND it is only Wednesday...start praying for a better end of the week. Do we all hav

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